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Study Climate risks – request for support

It is now clear that the 1.5 degree climate protection target will not be met. However, as the target is missed, the risks of climate change increase. Globally, but also very individually related to companies. To achieve the overriding goal of climate neutrality, companies must analyze, scrutinize and optimize their own corporate activities in terms of climate protection.

The industrial transformation with its upcoming challenges, such as climate change or resource efficiency, is being mastered and shaped in a leading role by companies in the mechanical engineering sector. Mechanical engineering acts as an enabler and offers climate-friendly technologies and solutions.

Efforts in climate protection must not be allowed to slacken. Together with the consulting firm KPMG, the VDMA has therefore launched a survey-based study. This is intended to determine statements on two questions to be published at the Mechanical Engineering Summit in Berlin on November 7-8, 2023:

  1. which technologies for reducing climate change risks do our companies offer and how do you see the markets?
  2. how are companies addressing new or increased risks to your own companies and global locations?

Please support the effort and participate in the survey: The questionnaire can be previewed at the following link: