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New innovation magazine on start-up cooperations published

Startups drive growth and provide access to new technologies, products and services with their knowledge and new ideas. Often, they not only translate trendy topics into new technologies or products, but also apply new ways of working in the process. A lot of fruitful things can come out of the interaction between young and established companies, even if the two sides sometimes differ considerably in terms of corporate culture, flexibility or even speed.

However, successful cooperation is not a foregone conclusion and there are a number of hurdles to overcome on the way to joint success. The selected practical examples in “Innovations made in NRW”, the freshly published innovation magazine from ProduktionNRW, show how cooperation can succeed. The current issue is dedicated to the topic of “start-up cooperations” and addresses this from various directions. The many practical examples of cooperation are supplemented by extensive information on the subject and provide valuable tips.

Approaches for future topics

The innovation magazine of ProduktionNRW is published in loose succession and highlights important future topics for the industry. Authors from well-known companies and institutions show their entrepreneurial approach and provide suggestions for the industry.

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