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Finally here! NRW Innovation Magazine with a Focus on “Lightweight Construction

The second issue is all about lightweight construction. This is a topic that cannot be ignored if the tasks of the future are to be solved. Although lightweight construction has been a topic of interest in the industry for some time, what is new is that it is experiencing a fresh dynamic as a result of the further development of technologies. Many things are now possible that seemed unthinkable or impossible to implement some time ago. In its issue on the subject of “lightweight construction”, the magazine “Innovations made in NRW” presents a whole bundle of approaches and projects being pursued by institutions and partners from industry. They are intended to show how new concepts are being thought up and further developed in order to make them useful for mechanical engineering.

The high pressure to innovate makes mechanical engineering a research-intensive sector. The small and medium-sized companies in particular, which form the backbone of the mechanical engineering sector in North Rhine-Westphalia, cannot completely handle the complexity of widely networked research and development on their own. Networking in the sense of cooperating with partner companies, research institutions and universities is therefore an important way for them to expand their own capabilities,” emphasizes cluster spokesman Wolf D. Meier-Scheuven.

Approaches for future topics

ProduktionNRW’s innovation magazine is published quarterly and highlights important future topics for the industry. Authors from well-known companies show their entrepreneurial approach and provide suggestions for the industry.

“With the magazine, we not only want to provide impetus, but also show that the industry is on the move and translates trends into innovations,” explains Hans-Jürgen Alt, Cluster Manager ProduktionNRW. “Mechanical engineering companies have great potential. We as a cluster help to make this visible and show possible courses of action for important future topics!”