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Coach2Change – Transformation coaching for employees

The coaching enables employees to change evolved work structures and processes as well as realign behaviors so that transformation succeeds in the company. The coaching promotes:

  • Change management skills: employees are empowered to manage and organize fundamental change processes at work and in the company.
  • Driving transformation processes at the individual workplace and in the company: Employees are empowered to transform working conditions, processes, workflows and systems in a climate-friendly and sustainable way.

Funding is available for companies with fewer than 250 employees located in the Rhenish Revier region (Aachen city region, Mönchengladbach city, Düren district, Rhein-Erft district, Rhein-Kreis Neuss, Heinsberg district) or in the northern Ruhr region (independent city of Bottrop, district towns of Dorsten, Gladbeck, Marl in the Recklinghausen district).

The coaching must relate to the topic of change management and/or support for transformation processes, in which case pro rata funding (50%) of the costs for up to 15 coaching days is provided, or staff release for the time of the coaching for a maximum of three employees.

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