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Insights into the World of Employment

The exploration of occupational fields is the first step in vocational orientation. Pupils should get to know occupational activities, work processes and practical working environments. At the same time, career exploration is an important step towards an internship, which is just as much a part of career orientation as the analysis of students’ abilities, interests and potential.

So what could be more natural than for companies looking for young talent to integrate school students briefly into their everyday operations, show them practical occupations and thus support them in their orientation for the future.

Not infrequently, this results in lasting connections, perhaps an apprenticeship and thus the company’s own next generation of skilled workers and managers. A good transition from school to work helps companies to find their next generation of skilled workers and saves young people unnecessary detours on the way to a successful career.

One more hint on where to find vocational field explorations and internships: where there is training, there is usually also a good chance for internships and vocational field explorations.