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Current challenges in sales in 2024

The exchange of experiences on the current challenges in sales at the Center for Production Technology (ZFP) in Dortmund-Hörde on 19 March 2024 focused on two central topics: Firstly, dealer support in the two-tier sales model and secondly, the innovative application of predictive sales with the help of artificial intelligence.

Robert Konjusic, a speaker from the VDMA’s Business Advisory, addressed the status quo of cooperation with retail partners in new target markets in his presentation entitled “Challenging and promoting retail partners”.

Dr. Parsis Dastani, CEO of Dastani Consulting, spoke about more targeted new customer acquisition by optimizing the sales pipeline through the targeted use of AI. He used use cases to illustrate his company’s methodology in his presentation. The presentations were the subject of lively discussion among the participants and the topic of AI in particular generated many questions and comments. Great interest and skepticism about the use of AI went hand in hand here.


The event was organized by ProduktionNRW. ProduktionNRW is the cluster for mechanical engineering and production technology in North Rhine-Westphalia and is organized by VDMA NRW. ProduktionNRW sees itself as a platform for networking, informing and marketing companies, institutions and networks with each other and along the value chain. Significant parts of the services provided by ProduktionNRW are funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Protection and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.