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Award of the NRW Innovation Prize 2023

New technologies make a significant contribution to the innovative strength and future viability of North Rhine-Westphalia. With the NRW 2023 Innovation Award, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Mona Neubaur has now honored courageous, creative personalities whose wealth of ideas, personal commitment and willingness to take risks make a significant contribution to the innovative strength of the state. With a total of 200,000 euros, the NRW Innovation Award is the most highly endowed award of its kind in Germany after the Federal President’s Future Prize.

Minister Neubaur: “Especially in times characterized by crises and diverse challenges, we need new technologies more than ever to actively shape change. I am delighted to be able to present the NRW Innovation Award to outstanding innovators who are driving forward the future viability of our business location with their developments. They transform new ideas into economic dynamism and show that innovative spirit, creativity and entrepreneurial courage are worthwhile. This makes them important role models for innovators of tomorrow.” Awards were given to:

Category “innovation” (prize money 100,000 euros)

Prof. Dr. Klaus Gerwert (Ruhr University Bochum, betaSENSE GmbH), has developed the “Immuno-Infrared Sensor”, a test that can be used to detect early indicators of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Based on this early diagnosis, affected individuals can be provided with tailored therapies at an early stage.

Category “innovation2business” (50,000 euros)

Prof. Dirk Uwe Sauer (RWTH Aachen University) and Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies (ACCURE Battery Intelligence GmbH) have developed a cloud platform with ACCURE Battery Intelligence GmbH that enables batteries to be used more efficiently, sustainably and safely. The platform formats usage and laboratory data and then predicts the condition of the batteries.

Category “innovation2market” (25,000 euros)

Dr.-Ing. Sascha Feldhorst (MotionMiners GmbH) receives an award for MotionMiners GmbH technology: this uses mobile sensor technology, AI and machine learning to analyze motion and manual workflows quickly, anonymously and cost-effectively in order to improve the ergonomic working conditions of employees and optimize work processes.

Audience Award “innovation4transformation” (25,000 euros)
Lilian Schwich (cylib GmbH) has developed a process for the resource- and climate-friendly recovery of battery resources. Based on thermal pretreatment and hydrometallurgy, up to 90 percent of battery resources can be recovered.

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